Terms and Conditions

1. Placing orders and making payment

If you place an order through our website, you can pay by transferring money to ING account number: 7875117 of BLOOM Holland BV in Haarlem.

2. Privacy

All your details will be treated in the strictest con dence. Without prior permission, your details will never be made available or sold to third parties. We will only use your details to ful l your order.

3. Contact

Should you have any questions about your order, you can contact our of ce, telephone number: 0031 23 5512852 on Mon- days to Fridays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

4. Dispatch and delivery

Orders will be sent via DHL and will be delivered to the address provided, if necessary two attempts to deliver will be made.
Only one delivery address may be provided for each order:
Within The Netherlands, orders will normally be delivered within three working days. However, under no circumstances can any rights be derived from one or more of the products being delivered late, that is not being delivered within three work- ing days. This is the client’s risk. BLOOM! will not reduce the price to compensate for any inconvenience caused in this way.

5. General terms and conditions

  • Consumers have a right to a cooling-off period of 7 working days after the product has been delivered. A product may be returned within this period, whereby the only costs for which a consumer is liable are the postage costs of returning the product. The costs of return(s) are to be carried by the purchaser. The product is to be returned to our office address: Elswoutslaan 2, 2051AE Overveen (please inform us in advance).
  • The product must be delivered to the consumer within 30 days after receipt of payment. If this fails to happen, the consumer is entitled to cancel the purchase immediately. This does not apply when the parties have agreed a different delivery period.
  • If the consumer returns the product within the cooling-off period, the vendor is obliged to repay any sums already paid within 30 days.

In these general terms and conditions, the following words will have the following meanings:

  • BLOOM!; the company trading under the name “BLOOM” and run by BLOOM Holland BV, having its registered of ce and principal place of business in Haarlem at Wagenweg 40, 2012 NE and listed in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Haarlem.
  • Acknowledgement of receipt; the acknowledgement of receipt as de ned in these terms and conditions.
  • Product; the product or products which due to the conclusion of an agreement between you and BLOOM, and/or BLOOM Holland BV, will be delivered to you within an agreed period of time and for which you will pay a specified sum.
  • Terms and conditions; these general terms and conditions. Approval of the terms and conditions
  • These general terms of delivery are applicable to all BLOOM’s offers, orders and agreements. By accepting an offer and/or placing an order, the client consents to these terms and conditions.
  • The provisions in these terms and conditions may only be deviated from once written approval has been obtained from BLOOM. In such circumstances, the other provisions in these terms and conditions remain in force unimpaired.
  • All the rights and claims stipulated for the bene t of BLOOM in these terms and conditions and any further agreements will similarly be stipulated for the bene t of intermediaries, and any other third parties brought in by BLOOM.
  • BLOOM is entitled to change both these terms and conditions and the content of its website.

Industrial and intellectual property rights

The client must totally and unconditionally respect all the intellectual and industrial property rights vested in the products supplied by BLOOM.

Ownership of the products

Products which have been delivered remain the property of BLOOM until the moment the client has paid the entire amount owing. However, from the moment of delivery, the purchaser is responsible for the products.


BLOOM Holland BV does its utmost to ensure the information on its website is up to date and correct. Despite this, it is impossible to guarantee that no mistakes and/or omissions ever occur. Dutch law is applicable to all offers and acceptance of offers, and to all sales agreements.plicable to all offers and acceptance of offers, and to all sales agreements.